Deborah Waltman started her artistic journey studying graphic design at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She took a slight turn and ended up with a degree in Art History and English, then in a series of extremely fortunate events, detoured off to Canada. There she landed as a school librarian and finds it, as far as day jobs go, pretty close to perfect...being surrounded by books and the kids who want to read them.

After years of storing art supplies in the tops of closets, which she can’t reach anyway, she has pulled them down and has embraced the realization that she was put on this planet to make stuff. She works in whatever media will fit in her purse, crossed fingers and caffeine. She also creates custom Jigsaw Puzzles and other crafty things through her side venture Piece & Love Puzzles and Designs - check it out!

She resides in Georgetown, Ontario with her remarkably supportive husband and best friend Brian, their 3 children (two human, one furry), and three backyard chickens who don't know she exists. She spends the .042% of her remaining time reading, playing board games, cooking, crossing things off lists, and watching the first half of crime shows as a means to achieving a good night’s sleep.